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Hatena Illusion

Other name: Hatena Illusion


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Many mystical "Artifacts" were taken and spread over the planet many years ago. They ended up in the hands of persons who were not intended to be aware of their existence, bringing calamity to those who misused their power. The Hoshisato family of magicians has privileged access to the Artifacts and decides to return them to their rightful location. Despite her inexperience, Kana "Hatena" Hoshisato strives to help her parents, Mamoru and Maeve, in their journey by doing her best. Meanwhile, Makoto Shiranui, her childhood friend, has returned to their estate to learn magic under her father's instruction as part of a promise they made years ago. Hatena is overjoyed to meet her buddy again, only to be completely let down when the person arrives.

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