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Koukaku no Pandora

Other name: Koukaku no Pandora


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On a cruise ship bound for the picturesque Cenancle Island, the full-body cyborg Nene Nanakorobi, a bright young lady with global peace aspirations, meets scientist Uzal Delilah. Together with Uzal's pet cyborg Clarion, a cat-like battle android, the two become fast friends. Soon after they split ways, a terrorist assault on the island threatens to destroy their new relationship. Uzal grants Nene the power to activate the Pandora Device found in Clarion's body in an attempt to save her new companion before supposedly dying. Nene may momentarily master powers and capabilities never seen before in the expanding world using this power. Working together, the two unexpected partners undertake a variety of tasks, ranging from saving children in shopping mall fires to combating rogue robbers, all in the interest of saving children.

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