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Mitsuboshi Colors

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The Colors, three people who live in Tokyo's Ueno area, preserve their city by performing good actions and assisting their neighborhood. At the very least, they pose as the city's protectors. In actuality, the Colors are three young girls: the introverted Yui Akamatsu, the boisterous Sacchan, and the video game-obsessed Kotoha, who spend their time pretending and exploring the city. The Colors' activities are assisted by the grandfatherly Daigorou "Pops" Kujiraoka, who entertains the rowdy three with his store's array of trinkets. However, not everyone is a lover of the Colors. Saitou, a local police officer, only wants to do out his ordinary tasks, yet he frequently finds himself the focus of the Colors' attention, having been named the  villain in most of their fantasies.

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